We are:

  • Ambitious: We're challenging how the role of education fits into people's lives by encouraging them to learn more, and learn often. Only 29% of millennials actually like their work, so we're creating some alternative pathways through project-based learning for those who want a change, and don't know where to start. 
  • A remote team: We work from different locations and across different timezones. Currently you’ll find us in Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Cebu, Auckland, Tel Aviv, and California. We’re working out of cafes, beaches, co-working spaces and our homes. We believe work is a set of goals you achieve every week and not a place you go to for 40 hours a week. 
  • Very internationally minded. Our programs work with people from all around the world, so you'll need to understand the nuances of different cultures and mindsets. Our team speak isn't quite Wall Street or BBC - don't be surprised to find us throwing in a little Singlish, Aussie slang or Anime expressions day to day on Slack. 
  • Small and scrappy: We are an early stage startup tackling everything in the grey space between education, recruitment and the future of work. We are backed by SOSV and 500 startups.  We work scrappy so that we can move fast. 

The role:

  • Turn concepts into multimedia: We've laid out the foundations with text, but people consume and learn from content differently. Some prefer text, others video. You will be tasked with expanding the curriculum for multiple ways of consumption that make sense for the most number of people. 
  • Build with partners: Source and manage SMEs to deliver and facilitate courses through exploring video and webinar hosts. Contribute to and execute upon our course development strategy and how we deliver it to learners. 
  • Keep curriculum relevant: The industry is ever-changing and new techniques  constantly evolve. How can we invest in multimedia and keep the curriculum up-to-date with current practices? How can we build processes and a content development engine that will keep it lean? 
  • User experience: There are hundreds of courses on data analytics, what makes ours special? Collect, review and incorporate student feedback while designing our curriculum.

We can offer:

  • A startup salary for a 3 month contract to start.
  • The opportunity to move the contract into a full time role on the Learning Products team. 
  • A big problem to work on
  • A team that works smart and plays (computer games) hard
  • Flexibility to work where and when you want



You can:

  • Stay hungry: You want to solve a human problem. You can identify with the QLC story, but you're not jaded. You want to be a part of creating a solution,  and build a beautiful experience in the process. 
  • Be self motivated. We are an early stage startup. We have some traction but a lot of the work, is still ahead of us. You will be trusted with being proactive, responsible with your work and communicative with everyone on the team. If you don't do it, no one else will.
  • Keep an appetite to learn new things: QLC is built around the idea of lifelong learning. We work best with people who have a strong sense of curiosity,  and a fondness for self learning. 
  • Own the 80/20 rule: Understand when good enough, is better than perfect. Moving one step forward and collecting feedback, is often more valuable than spending another day at the drawing board. 
  • Be nice and have a positive attitude. No assholes thanks. 
  • Do the right thing. 

You must have:

We get that the best designers don’t have a specific background, length of experience or knowledge of specific tools. But we expect better candidates to have:

  • Be passionate about improving education and the future of work. You're excited by how technology has changed how people work and learn. 
  • Recently worked in a data role.  You've worked on data teams for past roles to have a strong context for curriculum use cases.
  • Be able to produce multimedia content: you have worked across a number of media platforms such as storytelling through articles, creating videos or delivering talks.
  • Have some product management knowledge:  You will be the Product Manager for the content library you are building. You will be expected to know the ins-and-outs better than anyone. You will be the decision-maker for your work and run design sprints to make sure the content shifts when it needs to.
  • An interest to understand instructional design and online learning. 
  • Can quickly learn the core concepts of a new subject


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