We are:

  • Ambitious: Only 29% of millennials actually like work. While some go back to school, start a business, take sabbaticals or just hustle through their networks to find something new - most people just don’t know where to begin. We want to help these guys find the starting line. 

  • A remote team: We work from different locations and across different timezones. Currently we are based in Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Cebu and Auckland working out of cafes, beaches, co-working spaces and home. We believe work is something you do and not a place you go to.

  • Small: We are an early stage startup (~8 people) tackling everything in the grey space between education, recruitment and the future of work. We are backed by 500 startups and SOSV. We work scrappy so that we can move fast. 

The role:

  • Be the voice for the QLC.io story: We have a big message, but our brand is yet to be articulated. You’ll be expected to develop it further working closely with the designer to ensure the copy and voice behind all our marketing collateral is consistent and true to our vision.

  • Storyteller: Every good organisation has a story, a mission, a reason you want to jump on that ship - except most companies are bad at expressing this. You will work closely with some of our most exciting startups or social organisations to help share the stories of people behind the scenes, the problem they are solving and how they’ll change the world.


You can:

  • Stay hungry. You want to solve a human problem, build a beautiful experience and create a memorable brand. You want to participate in something that could touch and change the life of someone you know, and others all over the world.

  • Be self motivated. We are an early stage startup. We have some traction but a lot of the word is still ahead of us. You will be trusted with being proactive and communicative with everyone on the team.

  • Own your craft. You’re eager to learn what you don’t already know and will take ownership of your craft within the team.

  • Be nice

  • Do the right thing

You must have:

We know that the best writers don’t have a specific background, length of practice of experience. You could be a disillusioned English major, aspiring journalist, part-time blogger or just someone with a razor sharp sense of humour. But we do expect you to:

  • Write well

  • Make complicated stuff simple

  • Dive in to understanding a new business

  • Think conceptually for brands

  • Collaborate with designers

  • Communicate confidently, humbly and independently with startup founders, journalists and other industry influencers

  • A passion for technology, ideas and the world

We can offer:

  • A startup salary

  • A big problem to work on

  • A team that works smart and plays (computer games) hard

  • Flexibility to work where and when you want

  • Support to learn and try new things

  • Biannual treatment for your travelbug (team retreats!)

  • A portfolio of amazing people/organisations to write for

Cool! If this floats your boat you can..