We’re building an online school
to help people try new careers all around the world. 

We're looking for more nice people to join our team.
We like people who think big, relentlessly pursue their ideas, but can stay humble and have fun. 


QLC Team Photo at JFDI Singapore

Scratching an itch

In late 2014, Fei and Will realised that the only reason they had left their consulting jobs in Australia for a seemingly whimsical opportunity in Singapore to build a vintage furniture app, was because they were both going through a quarter life crisis. They weren't even particularly interested in furniture. 

So they parked building the furniture app indefinitely, and instead founded QLC with Luke (just moving on from his own e-commerce startup) with a goal to inspire and connect young professionals to new career experiences with mission-driven companies they cared about. Read more about why we are who we are. 

QLC Remote Christmas Party

Started from Bali, now we here

We started from a home office setup in Singapore to bootstrap. But then we realised we actually liked worked from home. Or at cafes. Or in Bali. 

So we built our platform, a community of users and made sales, all whilst staying in sync with Slack and the Google Suite. We learnt to travel and work before we knew being a digital nomad was a thing. Our team now floats between 15 countries, across Asia Pacific, the US and the Middle East.

We love working remotely, but twice a year we meet-up to get some quality in-person time.

Team QLC in Jeju Remote Work

The future, reworked à la QLC

We've built a new kind of school that has helped over 1,000 people try new career experiences anywhere in the world through remote internships with startups. From blockchain, healthcare to sustainable fashion - we curate companies with the strongest missions to deliver real experiences with the latest business and tech trends. 

We are challenging the existing notions of online learning with live projects, market driven curriculum and a strong community. Figuring out the Future of Work and Education is a big problem and we're just scratching the surface. 

We're ramping up to connect the next 10,000 people and need the hungriest crew onboard. 



Design intern

Design beautiful and purposeful experiences to visually tell stories for some of the most exciting brands underselling themselves.

remote / intern or part time
growth team

Front end developer

Beautiful code that turns into beautiful products and tools. You create with attention to detail. 

remote / full-time
growth team

Intern (various)

Jack of a handful of trades, master of none, yet. Super enthusiasm welcome here. 

Growth marketer(s)

Build our brand, experiment with channels and convert users into customers. Rebuild our marketing funnel into a well-oiled engine through every (and any) trick in the book. 

remote / full-time
growth team

Content developer - digital marketing

Transform our curriculum into engaging content. Design and create the medium to transform the online classroom for digital marketing content, into a sandbox. 

remote / full-time contract
learning products team

Something else?

Do you have any other ideas on how you could help? Tell us your story and where you can add value. 

Head of University Partnerships

Working with a 400 year old system isn't easy, but they're showing signs of change. From marketing to BD, be our face for transforming the edtech landscape through universities.

remote / full-time
growth team

Content developer - data analytics

Transform our curriculum into engaging content. Design and create the medium to transform the online classroom for data analytics content, into a sandbox. 

remote / full-time contract
learning products team