We're looking for nice people to join our team.

We like people who think big, relentlessly pursue their ideas,
but stay humble and can have fun. 


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Scratching an itch

In late 2014, Will and Fei quit their consulting jobs in Australia, packed their bags and moved over to Singapore overnight to join an accelerator with a furniture app. They networked their butts off and found a whole new world of startups and organisations with missions they knew their ex-colleagues or friends would love. But they all worked in finance. Or consulting. And had no idea how to break into food. Or fintech. Or non profits. 

They parked the furniture app (indefinitely) - and instead founded QLC.io with a goal to help people just like their friends access amazing small companies they never would have known about. Read more here

Building a remote team

Shortly after, they met Luke (who had just taken his own leap of faith from New Zealand to Myanmar) and they all moved in together to save office setup costs and work from home.

But they realised, they actually liked working from home. Or at cafes. Or in Bali.  

So they bootstrapped a platform laser focused on finding the most interesting companies to work with, all using Slack and Google docs to stay in sync.  We now have a small team working from Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney, Auckland, Cebu and Hong Kong. 


Where we are now

Since then we have connected over 1,000 people to cross-border projects with across food, education, healthcare and more. 

We curate companies with the strongest missions, from tiny startups, social enterprises to exciting tech giants like LinkedIn and Uber. We've also partnered with over 10 universities and MBA schools to offer our programs to the hungriest students too.

We're ramping up to connect the next 10,000 people and need the hungriest crew onboard. 



Full stack designer

Design beautiful and functional experiences to visually tell stories for brands and companies you believe in. 

Front end developer

Beautiful code that turns into beautiful products and tools. You create with attention to detail. 

Something else?

Do you have any other ideas on how you could help? Tell us your story and where you think you can help

Digital copywriter

You have a way with words and words have a way with you.

Intern (various)

Jack of a handful of trades, master of none, yet. Super enthusiasm welcome here. 

Startup whisperer

Work with and for the startup community. Help founders bring their ideas to life.

Curriculum designers

Research, research research. Be really good at learning faster than everyone else and then teaching it back.